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The Process of Creating Silk Art

The Basics

  • The first step is stretching a piece of silk tightly with the use of a frame. 

  • Second, if desired, you use resist to draw out your design. This can be a permanent fixture to the artwork or temporary.

  • Third. You apply fabric dye to the silk through a number of techniques.

  • Finally, you set the dyes and mount if desired.


After the basics comes the freeing part.

I  have experimented with layering Gouache within my paintings as well as multiple layers of silk to create depth and texture. I explore various mounting techniques and display methods.  The possibilities are endless.


There are many types of dyes that can be used to silk paint.

While my particular set isn't ideal for wearable clothing due to the one sided nature of the dye, it doesn't prohibit me from using it as such should I choose to do so.

There are many more steps and equipment involved to properly dye and set wearable silk art.

About the Artist


Born and raised in North Carolina, I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I received my BFA in Animation and Interactive Design, pursuing my dream to be a 3D Artist in the game industry. I spent two years in Seattle doing just that before I had the amazing opportunity to move to Maui.

Since moving I've found myself exploring art in numerous ways. I paint in a variety of styles and mediums. Silk painting and Digital Illustration being my primary two. I love drawing animals but enjoying challenging myself with people from time to time. 

I'm an active member of Lahaina Arts Society and for fun extra art on the side I do live pancake art demos at Slappy Cakes on Saturday and Sunday from around 8-10am. 


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